GIVEAWAY (60th Post Celebration)

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Looking at my blog the other day I realized I had nearly written 60 posts.  That’s a lot, I suppose and yet it doesn’t FEEL like a lot at all. 

I currently have 54 wonderful subscribers so that’s almooost one subscriber per post!  EXCITING! 

Late November will be my blog’s one year anniversary and I would love to see how many subscribers I can befriend by that date and how far my blog can grow before then – that would be an epic early Christmas present. 

So will you help me? 

I have cookies! 

Actually a book. 

A signed paperback of my book, The Reluctant Godfather, to be exact. 

And this time, the giveaway is open to participants WORLDWIDE, not just the United States.  If you are living internationally (outside of the United States) now is your chance to win a signed paperback of The Reluctant Godfather!


So here’s how you win.

1. Follow my blog (2 points) and notify me you did so in the comments below.

2. Share this giveaway on social media, (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, goodreads) (1 point per platform) and notify me you did so in the comments below.

3. Recommend my book to a friend who have not already marked it as ‘to read’ (1 point).

4.  If you have already read The Reluctant Godfather, leave a quick review on Goodreads (1 point) and/or Amazon (1 point).

5.  Recommend my blog to a friend (1 point) and get 3 extra points if they sign up.  Notify me of that in the comments as well or if you are signing up to my blog based on a friend’s recommendation, please give them credit! 

Note:  If you have already followed my blog that will count as a point and if you have already read The Reluctant Godfather and left reviews those will also count as points – just please confirm it in the comments.  🙂

You don’t have to do all of these steps – but the more points you earn, the more times your name will be put in the basket – thus the more chances you have to win!

Just to reiterate there is only one signed copy available in this giveaway. 


Best of luck to everyone who enters and thank you for helping me dig a little deeper at Allison’s Well!



57 Responses

  1. E.F.B.
    | Reply

    Hi Allison! Congrats on 60 posts!!!! *fires confetti cannon*

    For my list of point-winning-actions:
    I follow your blog
    I shared this giveaway on Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads
    I recommended TRG to a friend who did not already have it marked.
    And when I read TRG I left reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon.

    *does war/ready-to-win face* XD

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      DAW – THANKS, BETH! <3 'does happy dance in confetti'

      ALL RIGHTY! Got you down for 9 points - thank you so much, Beth! And I love your war face! 😀

  2. Elsie Stoltzfus
    | Reply

    Ok! So. I follow your blog. I read The Reluctant Godfather, and posted a review on Goodreads. I shared on Goodreads. And I recommended your book to a friend! (Two of them, actually.)

    I’m so happy that you’re doing this giveaway!!!

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Elsie!! Okay – I got you down for 7 points!! <3

      Just to verify - you shared about this giveaway on Goodreads?

      • Elsie Stoltzfus
        | Reply

        Yup! I surely did!!

        • AllisWell
          | Reply


  3. Kellyn Roth
    | Reply

    1. Follow my blog (2 points) and notify me you did so in the comments below:

    2. Share this giveaway on social media, (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, goodreads) (1 point per platform) and notify me you did so in the comments below:
    I shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Goodreads.

    3. Recommend my book to a friend who have not already marked it as ‘to read’ (1 point):
    I’m heading to do that now!

    4. If you have already read The Reluctant Godfather, leave a quick review on Goodreads (1 point) and/or Amazon (1 point):
    I think I’ve done both, right? 🙂

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      WOOO! Gotchya down for 11 points, Kellyn!

      And yes – you left a review on Goodreads and Amazon – thank you so much, girl! 😀

  4. Hannah V
    | Reply

    I follow your blog!

    I’ve really been wanting to read TRG!

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Have you down for two points, Hannah! Aww, thank you – best of luck!

  5. Deborah O'Carroll
    | Reply

    Yay for 60 posts! That’s exciting. 😀 I’m celebrating my 4-year blogoversary next week so I’m very in-the-vibe for these sorts of celebrations. XD SO YAY! *huggles The Reluctant Godfather*

    -I already follow
    -Shared on twitter
    -Shared on pinterest
    -I have a mini-review up on Goodreads if that counts. XD

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thank you!!

      OH MY GOODNESS – THAT IS EXCITING! Congratulations!

      Aw – thank you – I huggle The Reluctant Godfather a bit myself. XD

      Yes – all reviews count – thank you!

      Got you down for 5 points!

  6. Angela Watts
    | Reply

    CONGRATS on your blog anniversary comin’ up, which is soo awesome!!
    I follow your blog
    I shared this on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+., and Goodreads.
    I recommended this on GR (to 3 people).
    I shared this with one friend ( my sis )

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thanks, Angela! <3

      I have you down for a whopping 13 points since Tory signed up to Allison's Well - thank you so much! 😀

  7. Tory Combs
    | Reply

    Shared on FB and followed your blog! My starter Angela Watts Referred ne

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Hello Tory! Welcome to Allison’s Well – thank you so much for following and sharing (and for giving Angela a boost!)

      Best of look on the giveaway! I have you down for 3 points!

  8. Andrea Cox
    | Reply

    Hi Alli,
    I just subscribed to your blog. 🙂


    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Hi Andrea! Eep! Thank you so much! I have you down for two points!

  9. Livy
    | Reply

    Looks like such an awesome giveaway Allison! Congrats on your 60th post! AND for writing such a lovely novel! <3

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      HI LIVY!

      Aww – thank you!! <3

      Just to verify - do I need to put you down for an entry?

  10. CutePolarBear
    | Reply

    I would love to enter! I follow your blog. 🙂 Congratulations on 60 posts!


    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Hi Hanna! Aw, thank you! I have you down for 2 points! 🙂

  11. Crystal
    | Reply

    I was so excited to find out that you’re having a giveaway for The Reluctant Godfather! 😀

    -I followed.
    -Shared on Goodreads.
    -Shared on Pinterest.
    – Recommended The Reluctant Godfather to a friend on GR.

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Hi Crystal! Welcome to Allison’s Well! Thank you so much for following and entering! I have you down for five points; best of luck!

  12. Marilyn
    | Reply

    1.I followed your blog
    2.II followed you on Instagram.

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Hi Marilyn! Thank you for entering; I have you down for three points.

      I actually don’t have an instagram account – did you mean you shared this post on instagram?

  13. Anna
    | Reply

    1. Following your blog (2 points)
    2. Shared this giveaway on pinterest (1 point)
    3. Verbally recommended your book to a friend (1 point).

    Super cool giveaway, Allison!!! I hope I win so that I can share this copy of The Reluctant Godfather with my friends! 😉

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Anna!! Thanks for entering; I have you down for four points!

      Aww, thanks! That’s so cool, thanks for wanting to share it! Best of luck!

  14. Faith Potts
    | Reply

    I already follow your blog, and I have reviewed on Goodreads and Amazon. 😀

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thanks, Faith! I have you down for five points.

  15. Chloe W.
    | Reply

    1. I follow your blog
    2. I shared the giveaway on Goodreads.
    3. I recommend the book to a Goodreads friend.

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! 😀

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thank you Chloe! I have you down for four points!

      Haha..thanks! I’m bouncing off the wall myself!…I have to wait a week to find out who wins and I can barely stand it!!

  16. Seneca
    | Reply

    Followed! (2)
    Shared on pinterest, GR, and Google+! (3)
    Recommended the book to a friend who did not have it marked as to-read! (1) (although do we get extra points if we do it more than once?)
    Reviewed on GR! (1)
    And recommended your blog to a friend! (1)
    Guess that’s it! (8) AND CONGRATS!!!!! YOU INSPIRE ME!!! 🙂

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Seneca! Thanks for entering! I have you down for nine points!

      YES! I’m sorry, I should have made that a bit more clear. Each person you recommend my book or blog too counts as one point. How many friends did you recommend my book and blog too? Let me know and I’ll update your count.

      I DO????? Aww, thank you, Seneca! That’s sweet; and just the pick me up I needed this evening. “squeezes”. <3

  17. Seneca
    | Reply

    Ugh, double-commented again. Pay use thy blog-magic-wand to remove my shame. XD

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Loool!! We’ve all done it!

      “waves wand”. All fixed! XD XD.

  18. Jem Jones
    | Reply

    I haven’t read The Reluctant Godfather yet, but I’ve heard a lot about it in the blogosphere! I’ve just followed your blog through Bloglovin. 🙂

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Hi Jem! Thank you so much for following my blog and for your interest in The Reluctant Godfather! Best of luck on the giveaway!

  19. Maddy
    | Reply

    I’d definitely enter if I didn’t already have a paperback copy. =D Congrats on 60 posts, and almost just as many followers!

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Aww, thanks, Maddy! <3

  20. Eva
    | Reply

    SWEET giveaway. 😉 I’ve heard lots of good things about The Reluctant Godfather, so I’m pretty excited about this. (I live in Canada and sooooo many giveaways aren’t open to me because of that.)

    I followed your blog!

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thank you, Eva!!!

      That’s too bad!! I’m so excited to be able to offer this giveaway to friends around the world!

      Thank you for following, I have you down for two points!

      BTW, I love your blog!

  21. Jane Maree
    | Reply


    1: I follow your blog ^-^
    2: I have shared on google+ and pinterest
    3: I have raved to a friend. xP
    4: I have a review on goodreads and amazon already.
    5: aaaand I have recommended your blog to a friend.

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      JANE-O!! Don’t worry, I would NOT have let you miss this – I was going to send you an email letting you know this giveaway was open to friends overseas! <3

      WOOT -WOOT! Thank you, Jane - I've got you down for nine points! 😀

  22. Olivia Nickerson
    | Reply

    Hii!! I’m new here, but your blog was recommended to me through my amazing friend 😉 whom I think you know 😉


    Here are the point-winning thingies that I did:

    1. Followed your blog (although I am giving credit to my friend who recommended it to me)
    2. Shared on FaceBook and Google+ and Pinterest
    3. Recommended to a friend
    4. Recommended blog to a friend

    Thanks a lot for this giveaway! 🙂

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      HI Olivia!! Why, yes – I do know her. 😀 😀 And I’ve seen you on Facebook! Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog!

      Wonderful! I have you down for seven points and have you-know-who down for four. 😀 THANK YOU so much, Olivia and welcome to Allison’s Well!

  23. Blessing Counter
    | Reply

    Yippee!! Congratulations, Allison!!

    Ok so I:
    1. Followed your blog (or more so I have already been following your blog 😉 )
    2. Shared on Google+, Facebook, and Goodreads
    3. Recommended the book to my bestie (to be honest, I think I already told her about it…but doesn’t hurt to remind her again :P)
    4. Left reviews on Goodreads and Amazon (.ca to be specific xD)
    5. Recommended your blog to a friend AND she subscribed

    Oh yeah…and on a side note…I just saw your merch/products on Zazzle…HOW did I miss that?? LIke oh my goodness, it’s amazing!!! I just spent who knows how much time scrolling through it all xD

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      ‘HUGS’ Thanks, Blessing!!! 😀

      YAHOOO! All righty – I’ve got you down for 13 points! Best of luck!!! ‘flails’

      Aww thank you. 😀 😀 😀 I appreciate that. 🙂

  24. Florid Sword
    | Reply

    Not entering because I won last time, but good luck to all the other entrants!

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thanks, Faith! That’s sweet; appreciate it. 🙂

  25. Tarissa
    | Reply

    Congrats on your 60th post! You’re going far as a blogger. 🙂

    I already follow your blog. (1 entry)
    Shared on Goodreads and Twitter. (2 entries)

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Thank you, Tarissa! <3 I appreciate that.

      And thank you for entering! I've got you down for 4 points!

  26. AllisWell
    | Reply

    Marilyn / Crystal / Jem / Hannah V – are you an international participant?

  27. Mary Horton
    | Reply

    I wish I could have entered this earlier, but I’ve had a lot going on. *le sigh*

    All right. So I …

    – Follow your blog
    – Shared this post on Goodreads + Pinterest
    – Reviewed your lovely book on Amazon and Goodreads
    – Recommended your book on Goodreads

    Well, that’s all for now! This giveaway looks splendid! *not-so-secretly hopes I win* 😉

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      MARY! Aww, I know, I”m sorry!! :(. <3

      Okey-dokey - gotcha down! Thank you, Mary! <3 <3

      LOL - the problem is that I want EVERYONE to win - I want 30 copies to give away. 'sighs'

  28. Mary Horton
    | Reply

    Oh, P.S.: CONGRATS ON 60 POSTS!!! *glitter explosion* The world is a happier place indeed because of your lovely blog. 😀

    • AllisWell
      | Reply

      Awww, thank you, Mary! ‘plays in glitter’. That’s so sweet; thank you for the pick me up – I needed it!! <3

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