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Best Reads of 2018 – 1st Quarter

Dark House On The Moss (reread) by Constance Savery five stars From the first sentence, I was instantly swept-away. Constance Savery’s vocabulary, softly rhythmic style, gentle humor and steady pace compare to none!  Twist after twists compels us as we discover more and more of the secrets of the Moss and it’s keepers that are spun like delicate and beautiful webs that…

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Reflections on Rooglewood

Image courtesy of Google Images     THE VERY LAST ROOGLEWOOD CONTEST is officially over!!! And I survived that excitement!!  I was literally hyperventilating. shaking and laughing and shrieking from excitement and happiness the night of the 31st as I eagerly watched that amazing group of writers celebrate.  Those writers are such a talented, kind and constructive group – it was…

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