Life At Hedgerose – Chapter Four

Chapter Four Walking On Water And Walking On Eggshells     Titus had known that something was brewing in Folrolf’s mind since before Spring Festival.  His guardian would drift about the house for days, muttering to himself and trailing scraps of parchment—like flotsam in the wake of a receding wave. The paper was covered in strange equations, measurements, and queer,…

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For The Love Of Tintin

Tintin is not a superhero; nor does he possess special powers. He is an ordinary person to whom extraordinary things happen. Curious to a fault, Tintin has been known to follow a story to the ends of the earth, even if this means entering the shadowy worlds of smugglers, jewel thieves, gun runners, tomb robbers and extraordinarily ruthless crime lords!…

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When Beauty Blooms – Blog Tour

Goodness gracious me – that cover is SO PRETTY. I have something Very Nice to share with you today, people!  I am part of a blog tour for my lovely friend, Victoria Lynn. She has just released a new novelette, When Beauty Blooms.  I can’t wait to share more about the book, an author interview, AND a fabulous giveaway.  Let’s…

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July In A Nutshell

Why, hello there.     First of all, can I lodge an official protest that OVER HALF OF 2018 IS OVER AND I FEEL LIKE THE SUMMER JUST STARTED. #help     Ahem.  But I digress.  This is the monthly wrap up post where I reflect on what happened in the previous month and what I accomplished.  I got quite…

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