Don’t worry, Allison’s Well isn’t going anywhere.  I’m just expanding. I might have mentioned a little while ago that my author website was getting a design overhaul. It is my great pleasure to announce that the website project IS FINISHED.     You can behold all the gold and goodness RIGHT HERE.       But wait, before…

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Ramblings and Ruminations

April in a Nutshell

    ALLISON.   HAS.   RETURNED.   TO.   YOUR.   MIDST.   *BOWS*     AHHHH, I MISSED YOU GUYS!  *BEAMS* *DISTRIBUTES HUGS AND CUDDLES*  HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?     And I missed my blog!  *pats blog tenderly*  It’s good to be back, gang!  April nearly did me in at a couple of points, but HERE I…

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