About Me

Hello! My name is Allison!

I am a Christian, homeschool graduate in my mid-twenties. Jesus Christ is the Beginning, the Center, and the End of my life and I wish to do all things for His Glory as I live by the grace of God the Father and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I work part-time in sales and operations as an agent for a major transportation company. I am a graduate of London Art College – the very first long distance art school formed in 1934 on Fleet Street. I studied Drawing and Painting for several years then spent another few years studying cartooning. I am an author. Check out my author website or go straight to Amazon to see my book, The Reluctant Godfather.

  • I love to sing – I got to train a little under an opera singer who performed at the Met and even got to record in a professional recording booth.

  • I love to bake – my affection for it even works its way into my book – The Reluctant Godfather.

  • I love to read out loud.

  • I am a Gif affectionate – they call me the Gif Master.

  • I am a fashionista.

  • I love to help people shop – or shop for other people – for anything from groceries to furniture.

  • I am a book rescuer. I CAN. NOT. STOP. collecting books.

  • I am a passionate pursuer of thrill-producing amusement park rides.

  • I love to dance.

  • If you like that personality test thing – I am a ENFJ / ESFP combo.  Yeah, I know – it’s not just one – but humans are way too complicated to fit into a wee little box – and I make bursting out of boxes a habit and an art.

  • I am a passionate pursuer of thrill-producing amusement park rides.

Random Secrets and Wishes

  • I want to fly – SOME DAY I shall be airborn – one way or another.

  • I find silly computer games like tractors crushing obstacles or police cars chasing crooks strangely relaxing.

  • I collect leather journals – but to this date have not filled them.

  • I love chocolate, rainstorms, and swinging.

  • I am an unapologetic stuffed animal collector.

  • I would love to have a real life Ewok friend and am terribly disappointed that I can’t.

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