Author Interview with Hosanna Emily

WHAT’S THIS?  ANOTHER EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ON ALLISON’S WELL?  Just accept it, this is THE PLACE for exciting news.     You got that right.  *smirks*  Anyway, let it be known that yet another one of my amazing blogger friends is releasing a book!  *SQUEAKS*  Congratulations, Hosanna!   I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Hosanna Emily at the Glory Writers…

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Ramblings and Ruminations, Writing

The Divided Nation Blog Tour – An Author Interview With Angela Watts

Allison’s got news, folks!   *barges through door bearing said news*   My good pal, Angela Watts, is releasing a new novel!!  *cue celebratory roar*     And she graciously consented to an INTERVIEW – *insert squeal* right here on Allison’s Well!  But first, a little about about Angela’s book, The Divided Nation!         Synopsis:   WHEN THE…

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Saturday Night at the Movies

What Disney Taught Me About Writing

*ALLISON APPEARS IN A PUFF OF DISNEY SMOKE AND MAGIC*     PSA, folks!  This is the final post in my themed month of all-things Disney!     – and, hopefully, a fitting and worthy conclusion.   Today’s post is entitled WHAT DISNEY TAUGHT ME ABOUT WRITING.  In this post, I expound on how the quality films of Old Disney…

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Ramblings and Ruminations, Saturday Night at the Movies

My Definitive Ranking Of Every Disney Princesses

  And the month of Disney continues!  *Mickey Mouse Cheer*  Introducing week two of the Mighty Mouse marathon!     Last week, we took a look at my favorite (and least-favorite) Disney Princes.  Now, it’s the ladies turn!  Simply keep scrolling for my definitive ranking of every Disney Princess!   Well, ALMOST every Disney Princess.  I don’t count Moana or Merida.  Don’t…

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