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Allison’s Well’s 1st Birthday – Blog Party: Giveaway Winner’s Announced!

THE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  Yes, I did indeed stay up till midnight to click the magic button, but I was too tired to post this last night.

I wish I could give you ALL something, but the best I can do is give you all virtual hugs!  *hugs* *hugs* *huggles*




ANYWAY – the winners ARE –





The winner of the international giveaway is:  ROSALYN ROONEY!  Congratulations, Rosalyn!  You win an ebook copy of The Reluctant Godfather and an ebook edition of The Key To the Chains.  You will also be the very first person to have a copy of the Key To the Chains brand-new, gorgeous edition!




And the winner of the US giveaway is:  SENECA.  *throws confetti*  Congratulations, girl!!  You win a great big beautiful box of my favorite things!!!



Thank you again to EVERYONE WHO ENTERED.  You are all amazing!!

For anyone still looking for copies of The Reluctant Godfather and The Key To the Chains – you can find them here and ACTUALLY, SURPRISE – they are going to on sale starting tomorrow and the day after!


For all those that are new to Allison’s Well due to this giveaway, I hope you stick around!  I have lots of fun posts planned for the next few months.

And I like to run quite a few giveaways, so stick around for more of that too!

I hope to see you all for Allison’s Well’s next birthday in November – because as you know, I’m a hobbit – and a hobbit always plans presents and parties for their friends!












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