Author Interview with Hosanna Emily

WHAT’S THIS?  ANOTHER EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ON ALLISON’S WELL?  Just accept it, this is THE PLACE for exciting news.     You got that right.  *smirks*  Anyway, let it be known that yet another one of my amazing blogger friends is releasing a book!  *SQUEAKS*  Congratulations, Hosanna!   I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Hosanna Emily at the Glory Writers…

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July In A Nutshell

*too tired to make a grand entrance under my own power – so uses dynamite to add some flair to my appearance*     Hello, hello, hello, chums.  Obviously, this Nutshell is about a week overdue. It was imperative to my blogging schedule that I publish my Summer Aesthetic post first, while we still had a full month of official…

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Summer Aesthetic

I was enthusiastic about the idea for doing Seasonal Aesthetic posts, but also a little hesitant.  Was it sort of corny?  My doubts were settled by the lovely response of dear followers who responded with a categorical “yes” when I asked if I should create a more seasonal aesthetics!  And, because of you, here is the next installment!   I…

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