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A Fistful of Nutshells

HEY-HEY-HEY!  ALLISON IS IN THE HOUSE!     HI GUYS!  I’VE MISSED YOU!  *gathers up all my blog and internet buddies in a huge hug*     This is my second time combining two months worth of news into one post and, I will admit, it was kind of a relief, because I really needed this semi-break.  😁 Despite getting sick…

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Best Reads Of 2019 – 3rd Quarter

*trumpets sound, confetti is strewn, and a herald appears*   It’s . . . *gasp* . . . ALLISON! Obviously, I’m rather late with post.  I keep trying to get these out on time but something always prevents me from keeping to a timely schedule.   But, hey, AT LEAST I HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE!     *BOWS*   Ahem. …

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