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Hey look! It’s yet another unplanned post from Allison!This seems to be my modus operandi these days. Blogging has definitely become rather “ad hoc” this year as I kind of lurch from one fit of inspiration or interest to another in a “schedule” that has become the definition of random. Technically, I should have been working on other blog posts at…

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Legends of Western Cinema – Tag Answers

Well, Rachel, you did it again! I hadn’t intended to write a post about this, but then I saw your blog link up and it looked so fun I had to participate!  She pulled me in at the eleventh hour once more.     This post was doubly hard to produce at the last second because, as always, I had…

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Writing For All Eternity

  Every writer (or ANY creative, for that matter) has struggled with the disappointment of not having the time or energy to write.   *hugs*  I know how hard it can be.   This post is for you. I hope it encourages you.   Note:  This blog post was inspired by my sweet friend, Joellen Kemper. I was talking with her…

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A Bit O’ Nutshell

*piano trill*   Allison is in the house, people!   I know what you’re thinking. Wait, just a second, Alli! We just GOT a nutshell. Yes, I do apologize for that. I was so late in publishing my last summary of My Life™ that this post (which IS on time) came right on the heels of the other. Things are so…

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