10 Quick Tips About Do Us Colleges Accept An Immunization Waiver

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Ask your healthcare provider about any missing requirements and options to meet requirements, including having titers drawn or receiving vaccination.

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For that reason, a parent may desire to vaccinate for only the diseases with which a child is likely to be infected or feared to be infected.

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Will they be grandfathered in even though it is a religious exemption from another state? The State Health Officer will then make a decision based on all of this evidence.

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Specific vaccinations are also recommended for students entering high school or college. It also can cause severe throat or joint infections, pneumonia and hearing loss.

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Therefore, current immunization requirementfor institutions of higher education remain in effect.

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Serious side effects from vaccines are very rare.

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You may not be able to get vaccines at UHS if you wait until the last minute before your registration time.

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You will need to keep a copy of your records to forward to your program; Campus Health will not automatically forward this information to your program.

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