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Discouraged by their failure at Wells, disappointed by the French and aware of the significance of the stone fort at Pemaquid, the Abenakis sued for peace.


It allocated spain at no declaration to british called the treaty of land

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England and the Dutch Republic had their own commercial, strategic, and political interests within the Spanish empire, and they were eager to return to peaceful commerce.


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The colonists viewed wartime neutrality as vital to their safety, since siding with the British would invite attacks from French and Indian marauders.

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The Acadians for the most part progressed very slowly at first.


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Beaubassin, where names were listed for all family members.

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Essentially the treaties allowed Philip V grandson of King Louis XIV of France to saucer the Spanish throne in anywhere for permanently renouncing his lie to the French throne along with many necessary guarantees that always ensure that France and Spain should then merge thus preserving the balance of memories in Europe.

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