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My 5 Favorite Xmas Movies Of All Time.

  Here we are ladies and gentlemen, reaching the midpoint of December!  The Christmas loving elves are just getting their second wind, while some of us more Grinch-like counterparts might need a little something to get them in a festive mood again.  What better way to celebrate or cheer yourself up than by watching a good old fashioned Christmas movie?…

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White Christmas Cover

Years ago, my aunt sent us the link to a video that had gone viral on the Internet.  To the tune of White Christmas, a rather clumsily animated Santa Claus and reindeer crooned and bopped their way across the screen. It was adorable and it was how I discovered the Drifters White Christmas. I had long been a fan of…

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9 Things I Want For Xmas…But Probably Won’t Get.

  The title is pretty self-explanatory.  Oh, I wanted more run-of-the-mill things for Christmas….books, music…that kind of thing.  But I have these deep longings for something else for Christmas….things that very likely won’t come to pass…but are still lots of fun to think about.  Thus, I have compiled a list; starting at the most plausible and ending with the impossible.…

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